We stock 7mm and 14mm screenings along with 20mm Scoria.

These are used for drainage in plumbing applications and for drainage in the bottom of planter boxes.

Screenings 7mm

Provides an excellent solid, stable base, great for interlocking.

Suitable for:

  • Construction
  • Drainage
Screenings 14mm

Creates a stable base for a range of construction and landscape projects, with excellent compaction properties.

Terrific for:

  • Construction
  • Base
  • Driveways
Screenings 20mm
Screenings 40mm
Scoria 7mm
Scoria 20mm

Scoria is a type of basalt which is lightweight and porous making in an ideal mulch alternative.

Great for a range of landscaping projects, including:

  • Decorative topping
  • Lawn alternative
  • Drainage
Tuscan 20mm Screening


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