Our local, independent, rural store supplies a large range of livestock, fencing, pet, equine, produce and farming supplies at a great price which includes:

  • Bulk fertilizer
  • Chemicals
  • Agriculture chemicals
  • Tractor maintenance

Great deals for bulk orders!

We stock a large range of:

  • Agricultural Chemicals and Spraying Equipment
  • Pasture and Lawn Seed
  • Fertilisers and
  • many types of Pesticides for many types of pests including rats and mice, rabbits, foxes, birds and insects

We cater for all sizes of properties from suburban blocks to smaller hobby farmers to large contractor scale with bulk quantities available.

Also in stock are water troughs, water pipe and fittings, a selected range of hardware fittings and just about everything for your rural needs!


Posted on

March 25, 2020